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  • API organized a Training Program in the State of Qatar.

    Arab Planning Institute (API) organized a Training Program on "Skills of developing small and medium enterprise development strategy and investment maps", from 16/2/2020 to 18/2/2020  for the benefit of Qatar University. 

    The objective of the program was to familiarize participants with topics and issues related to a strategy of developing small and medium enterprises. In particular, the aim was to  study stages of preparing a strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises, and to explain concepts, importance, divisions, characteristics, development constraints, and success of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the role of financial institutions in the financing and development of SMEs. It also aimed at evaluating the the financing needs of small and medium enterprises and the skills needed to deal with them. The program also analyzed the role of commercial banks and non-banking institutions in financing small and medium enterprises.

     The program also presented the mechanisms of building investment maps for different economic sectors and how they are used by decision makers in achieving sustainable economic development, especially in developing of small and medium enterprises. It also aimed to demonstrate and present concept, types, methodology and different stages of preparing investment maps from the assessment of current realities and exploring strengths that can be based on the development of  promising investment opportunities and the determinants of their success. It also aimed  to showcase the concept of competitiveness, industrial clusters, value chains and their constituents as the most important topics related to the methodology for identifying investment opportunities. Another aim of the program was to provide trainees with the skills of preparing investment maps and determining the factors of its success. The program provided some practical applications that consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired.