Potential Support for the Activities of the Institute Advisory

API provides consultancy services to Arab governments, regional and international institutions and to the private sector in the areas of Economic Management, Development Policies and Planning. Consultancy work provided by the Institute consists mainly of studies intended to address the specific needs of the requesting parties.


Potential Support for the Activities of the Institute Advisory



1- External Relations

The external relations department at API is in charge of maintaining and following up the Memorandum of Understandings and ties that bind the institute with organizations and bodies on both regional and international levels. As well as organizing API’s conferences and meetings, thus providing logistical support to ensure the success of these functions. Besides the above duties, the department is in charge of organizing and managing media advertising campaigns in order to spread information about the institute and its activities.



2- Training Center 

The training center at API is in charge of facilitating and overlooking the training activities that the institute carries in coordination with the institute's academic staff. The training center also follows up the evaluation of the programs by the trainees and provide the top management and training committee with periodical reports about the activities of the center as well as partaking in the preparation of the training needs of different organizations and governments that cooperate with the API.



3- Information Center

API’s information center is keen on keeping up with the latest advancements in information technology that retain to the framework of the center and the institute. The center’s digital library provides and facilitates access to over 3000 academic journals, specialized databases such as business source complete and IMF statistics, reports and over 20,000 books in both Arabic and English. 

Digital Library

API’s Information center includes one of the leading specialized Digital Libraries in the Arab world, especially designed  to meet the technological advancements in research methods and  information sources; utilized for the use of researchers in the field of planning and economic development.


On top of it being one of the  few specialized libraries in the region, API’s library is the only depository library for the World Bank publications in Kuwait.


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