The Challenges of Poverty Reduction in Post-Conflict Sudan .


Title : The Challenges of Poverty Reduction in Post-Conflict Sudan

ISSN : 14

Publisher : Arab Planning Institute - Kuwait

Author : Ali Abdel Gadir Ali

Published Date : 2006

Contents :

Consistent with the research and training interests of API the
current book looks at the policy challenges that will face Sudan during
the post-conflict period from the point of view of poverty reduction.
A number of interesting results are reported in the various chapters
of the book. Among the most important results is that if the country
is able to maintain its growth rate of the second half of the 1990s it
will be able to achieve the MDG of reducing poverty by half by the
year 2015. Despite this possibility the author argues that the CPA, as
incorporated in the Interim National Constitution, makes an unequivocal
commitment to social justice and regional development. Both these
constitutional commitments require careful design of development
policies during the post-conflict period and a disciplined pursuit of
planned development in a mixed economy. The ideas and the results in
the book are expected to provide researchers in the Sudan and beyond
with ideas, tools of analysis and information which they will find useful.
I would like to strongly recommend the book for policy
makers in the Arab countries and to express our thanks for all of those
who contributed to the process of producing it.