The Institute offers a wide variety of training programs tailored to improve the skills and increase the efficiency of individuals working at various levels of government institutions, and in the private sector. Its target groups are those involved in the areas of national economic management and implementation of development policies in the Arab countries. The training programs at API consists of: specialized certificates & One-week programs API also offers special training programs for high-ranking officials of the Arab countries and, in its role as a consultant, offers tailored programs to specific institutions and organizations. Some of API's training programs are also available in CD-ROM format.



  • Specialized Training Programs and Components


2020/2021 Season of Specialized Training Certificates


  • Weekly Training Programs


2020/2021 Season of Weekly Training Programs in various fields


  • Live Online Training


Live Online Training


  • Individual Weekly Programs


2021/2020 Season, meet the Training Requirements, the State Concerned


  • Self Learning Programs(Arabic)


Self Learning Programs(Arabic) on CDs


  • Special Programs on Request of the Beneficiary


Special Programs at The Request of The Beneficiary