SMEs Center

Consultancy Services

The Center offers a set of consultancy services to government and non-government institutions dealing with SMEs, whether they are financing or non-financing institutions, chambers of commerce and industry, business organizations, in addition to institutions concerned with supporting entrepreneurship and disseminating the culture of self- employment and innovation. The consultancy services include the following:  
1. Building and designing business incubators.
2. Preparing SMEs investment maps at the sectoral and geographical levels.
3. Preparing and evaluating feasibility studies for SMEs.
4. Preparing feasibility studies for the establishment of financing and non-financing institutions concerned with SMEs development.
5. Preparing feasibility studies for business incubators  
6. Preparing guides for entrepreneurs' and business owners.
7. SMEs strategies
8. Conducting survey and field studies related to SMEs
9. Designing and establishing technical support units for SMEs
10. Estimating training needs for SMEs and designing training plans. 
11. Evaluating the SMEs regional and global supporting programs.