Training of Trainers

API supports entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) given their importance for socio-economic development. The API SME Center established in 2014 is the first regional Center specialized in the development of SMEs. The Center provides a range of services to entrepreneurs and institutions supporting, sponsoring, and financing SMEs throughout the Arab world. Given the persistence of high unemployment rates in Arab countries among youth, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to the low level of orientation towards self-employment or work in private sector, API is continuing to support entrepreneurship, notably through training trainers (ToT) working in the field of entrepreneurship and SMEs. ToT program aims at providing a network of trainers accredited by API in the field of entrepreneurship and SMEs, supporting efforts to disseminate the culture of entrepreneurship and self-employment among youth and graduates in all Arab countries, and  building the capacity of workers in SMEs’ institutions by meeting the growing demand for specialized programs in the field of vocational training, in addition to contributing to enabling junior trainers working in the field of entrepreneurship to enter the training market with high  professionalism. API implemented the first phase of ToT program during the period (2015-2017), which contributed to the graduation of (246) trainers in the field of entrepreneurship and SMEs. Following its positive impact API is taking the necessary steps to implement the second phase during the period (2022-2023), to ensure its periodic implementation in the future. Moreover, API offers a specialized training program entitled: "Training of Trainers in Creative Leadership Skills", which consists of 3 weeks of training covering: "Training Basics", "Advanced Training Skills" and "Creative Leadership Skills".